These cars are memories of our past and should therefore be well preserved


Mercedes-Benz 280 SE - 1971

Classic cars are regarded as an investment in the future…



Classic cars are regarded as an investment in the future…

Our main interest is to ensure that these very special cars are preserved and therefore we are making extra efforts to make sure that they will be sold to connoisseurs at a decent value. We believe that classic cars should be regarded as an alternative investment in shares and tangible assets that you can see, admire and enjoy the assets you control.

When we buy cars for our respected customers, we apply the same principles as if we were buying cars for our own personal collection. This means that we set high values by ensuring that the cars are strictly inspected in every respect. We have partners and agents around the world.

Jaguar XK 140 -1955


What is a classic car? Different models can fall into this category…

Whether you are buying or selling a classic car, you will want to determine its fair market value. We can be your trusted partner and consultant in determining the value of your classic car.

We believe that different cars can fall into this category. We can facilitate the assessments that will help in the purchase, financing, sale, insurance and maintenance of these vehicles. Based on our experience and market knowledge, we can guarantee that you receive the right support for your individual wishes and needs. Our assessments have been developed by specialists to enable enthusiasts to buy, sell, store and enjoy beautiful cars.

If you currently own a vehicle or have a collection of vehicles that you want to service, insure or sell, we can help you to identify its true value.

What is a classic car? Different models can fall into this category…



Jaguar XJ Sport - 1996

Rent a car

We offer a full
rent a car service…

We offer a full rent a car service…

Our private collection of classic cars includes a number of emblematic cars. Angel’s Classic Cars is proud to offer you an ‘ideal collection’ from uncompromising sports cars to eternal classics.

Whether it is a weekend, a holiday, a birthday, a wedding or a day with friends, all these cars are at your disposal without big investments, without worrying about maintenance, storage or insurance. Because the cars are part of our own private collection and because their value is not devalued, we can rent our cars at very competitive prices.

Classic retro cars are part of history and witnesses to the art of life; these cars have much more options to offer that a modern ‘luxury’ car or a ‘supercar’. While travelling, you will most likely encounter friendly looks and thumbs up from people, engage in conversations with other car lovers or even be asked if a photo can be taken behind the steering wheel. Whatever the situation, you will not remain unnoticed!